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PLIER SET BASIC 2PC           Stanley 84-114 Basic Plier Set Vise-Grip 2078701 Professional Plier Set
Our Price: $10.86
Stanley Plier Set, Basic, Steel, Stanley, 3 Pieces, Includes: (1) 6 in Slip Joint Plier, (1) 6 in Diagonal Plier and (1) 6 in Long Nose Plier, Chrome Nickel Plated, 10.3 in Height X 9.1 in Width X 0.6 in Thickness, ASME/ANSI Specified Vise-Grip Plier Set, Professional, Nickel Chromium Steel, Vise-Grip, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) 6 in Slip Joint Pliers and (1) 10 in Groove Joint Pliers, 11-1/4 in Height X 6-1/2 in Width X 0.688 in Depth, ANSI Specified
Vise-Grip 2078702 Traditional Plier Set Crescent CLP2SET Locking Plier Set PLIERS LOCKING SET 2PC
Our Price: $21.62
Vise-Grip Plier Set, Traditional, Vise-Grip, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) 6 in Slip Joint Pliers and (1) 6 in Long Nose Pliers, 9-1/2 in Height X 6-1/2 in Width X 0.688 in Depth Crescent Plier Set, Locking, Crescent, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) 7 in and (1) 10 in Pliers, Nickel Plated, ASME Specified
Stanley 84-056 Bi-Material Plier Set Stanley 84-079 Mini Plier Set PLIER SET JAW LOCKING 7IN&10IN
Stanley Plier Set, Bi-Material, Forged Steel, Stanley, 3 Pieces, Includes: (1) 6 in Diagonal, (1) 6 in Long Nose and (1) 6 in Slip Joint, ASME/ANSI Specified Stanley Plier Set, Mini, Series: 84-079, 6 Pieces, Includes: 4 in Diagonal Pliers, 4 in End Cutting Pliers, 4 in Bent Nose Pliers, 5 in Long Nose Pliers, 5 in Flat Nose Pliers and 5 in Groove Joint Pliers, 1/2 - 4-1/4 in, Forged Steel, Black, ANSI Specified, Ergonomic Handle, For Grasping, Bending and Cutting
PLIER SET STRT JAW 6-10 IN    Channellock GS-1 Tongue and Groove Plier Set Vise-Grip Fast Release 77T Locking Plier Set
Made of high-carbon C1080 steel for superior performance on the job and electronic coating for rust prevention, reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage, undercut tongue and groove design won't slip. Right-angle, laser-heat treated teeth grip better and last longer, PermaLock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure. Channellock Blue grips for comfort. Includes (1) each: 9 1/2" and 6-1/2 Tongue and Groove plier. Vise-Grip Fast Release Plier Set, Heavy Duty, Locking, Alloy Steel, Vise-Grip, Fast Release, 2 Pieces, Includes: 6LN and 10WR Pliers, For Tightening, Clamping, Twisting and Turning
Vise-Grip 2078709 Groove Lock Plier Set DeWalt DWHT70486 Push-Lock Plier Set PLIERS TONGUE/GRVE 2PC 10&12IN
Vise-Grip Plier Set, Groove Lock, Vise-Grip, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) 8 in Groovelock Pliers and (1) 10 in Groovelock Pliers, 12 in Height X 7 in Width X 1/2 in Depth DeWalt Plier Set, Push-Lock, DeWalt, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) 8 in and (1) 10 in Locking Plier, 1-1/4 in Jaw Tip, 3-3/4 in Jaw Capacity, 6 in Handle Length