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Krylon 9901 Leafing Pens Acme BP-4050CS Faux Artist Sea Sponge Acme BP-4050MD Faux Artist Sea Sponge
Krylon Leafing Pen, Acid-Free, Chiseled Tip, Dry to Touch: 10 min, Dry to Handle: 2 hr, Liquid, 18 Kt Gold, Metallic, 0.33 oz Capacity, >7 cSt Viscosity, 104 deg F, 87.8 deg F Flash Point, Applicable Materials: Ceramic, Craft Foam, Dried Silk Flowers, Fabric, Glass, Metal, Paper, Paper Mache Plaster, Plastic, Wicker and Wood Armaly ProPlus Textured Painting Sponge, 5 in Width, Coarse Grit Grade, Natural Armaly ProPlus Textured Painting Sponge, 5 in Width, Medium Grit Grade, Natural
Acme MP-4-4000-12 4-Piece Faux Artist Sea Sponge Acme SW#1-5060C Seawool Sponge Acme SW#1-6070C Seawool Sponge
Contains a mixture of sponge textures and shapes for a variety of faux finishing and craft projects. Our 5 to 6 in wool sea sponge is ideal for the bath or spa because of the rich creamy lather they create and its exceptional softness. In addition to they are also very absorbent, pliable, durable and economical. Our sea sponges are processed for maximum strength and absorption and the wool variety is the softest and strongest variety of natural sponge available. Natural sea sponges, unlike artificial sponges, naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. Rinse after use and simply allow to dry in the open air. Armaly ProPlus Wool Sponge, 6 in Width, Natural
Acme SW #1-7080C Seawool Sponge
The Armaly ProPlus natural wool sea sponges were the company's first product line. They are #1 and #2 grade cuts and forms and are best used for washing walls, floors, applying wallpaper and are great for use in the bath. This product is also used by professional faux finish painters to create a softer finish effect.