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Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Stud Finder STUD FINDER MAGNETIC          C.H. Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder
Provides dependable detection of wall studs. Magnet works by locating steel nails and screws used to hold drywall to studs. Base of the stud finder is notched for convenient marking once studs are located. National Hardware Magnetic Stud Finder, Plastic, Yellow, Dimensions: 2-25/32 in H x 1-5/16 in W x 9/32 in D Small and compact, easily fits in pocket. Uses powerful rare earth magnets to pinpoint the exact location of screws or nails in a stud and allows hands-free use. Two-way level for ease of marking. Soft grip for easy grabbing and gentle touch, no batteries required.
Stanley 50 Electronic Stud Sensor Zircon International 62168 Stud Sensor Zircon International 61897 Stud Sensor
Pocket-size stud sensor detects wood/metal studs up to a 3/4 in depth. Easy visual indicators on face of stud sensor for easy readability. LED display and buzzer indicates stud edge. Locates the wood or metal studs up to 3/4 in deep. Red LEDs light up every time a stud edge is approached. An audio alert and green LED signals when the stud edge is reached. Should scanning begin over a stud, over-the-stud indicator alerts the user to start the scan in a new location. TruCal technology calibrates to any wall's density and a steady green LED TruCal light alerts the user when the tool is calibrated and ready to scan. Zircon Stud Sensor, Battery Type: Alkaline, Battery Voltage: 9 V, Detectable Materials: Metal, Wood, Detection Range: 3/4 in, Indicator Type: Audio, LED Light, Operating Temperature: 20 to 120 deg F, Dimensions: 1.18 in L x 2.23 in W x 5.54 in H
Zircon International 61899 Pro SL Stud Sensor FINDER STUD CORDLESS 3/4IN    Zircon International 61903 Pro SL-AC Stud Sensor
Locate the edges of wood and metal studs while being warned of the presence of live, unshielded AC electrical wiring with the StudSensor? Pro35. It's innovative contoured design and bright user-friendly interface makes finding studs quick and easy. Securely anchor pictures, mirrors, shelves and more. Eliminate the guesswork with this center detect stud finder that has a detection depth of 3/4 in for wood and metal. While traditional stud finders locate the edge of the stud, this one locates the center for a more efficient read. The finder is constantly calibrating to save time during use. Once the stud is located, an audible alert and directional LED arrows clearly notify the user. You can easily mark the center of the stud with the center marking channel. StudSensor? Pro SL-AC stud finder locates the edges of wood and metal studs and joists behind walls, floors and ceilings. Patented SpotLite? pointing system shines a beam of light on the wall to identify the target and WireWarning? detection indicates the presence of live AC voltage. Its tough, ergonomic housing withstands everyday jobsite use.
Our Price: $25.49
The MSV100 can locate wood studs/joists and metal cables/pipes behind walls or even inside furniture. It can also make the work of contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and demolition crews safer by detecting energized AC outlets and live wires behind walls or ceilings. "LCD screen clearly displays all of the sensor's readings; wood and metal stud detection through up to 3/4"" deep surface material; AC detection identifies live wires p to 2"" deep; ""OnePass"" center-find technology locates stud centers; marking channel improves accuracy of marking-out readings; new ergonomic design and soft grips provide comfort and control of the tool." Detects wood studs up to 3/4 in thick. Sensor lights and beeps when stud is detected. Powered by 2 AA Alkaline batteries (included).
Zircon International 63102 Deep Stud Sensor STUD FINDER OPP NO2-1-1/2IN   Zircon International 61960 1-Step Stud Sensor With DVD
Featuring an enhanced LCD screen and illuminating target spotlight, the StudSensor? Pro55 deep-scanning stud finder uses two scanning modes to find the edges of wood and metal studs and joists. Securely anchor mirrors, shelves and cabinets while also helping to avoid live, unshielded AC electrical wiring. Locates the edges and center of wood and metal studs and joists behind walls, floors and ceilings. CenterVision technology finds the center of studs in a single pass. Its easy-to-read display screen indicates directions, edges and center of studs, while WireWarning detection indicates the presence of live AC voltage. Used in applications such as hanging heavy cabinets, pictures, mirrors and shelves securely, ceiling fans, grab bars and chandleiers, drapery rods and closet organizers, Install outlets, dimmer switches and cable lines. "SpotLite Pointing System" and audio tone signals when the stud center is reached. ACT (Auto-correcting technology) automatically corrects common user errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud.
MultiScanner 63415 1-Step Stud Finder With DVD Bosch GMS120 Electric Wall Scanner
Our Price: $85.14
Locates the edges and center of wood and metal studs and joists behind walls, floors and ceilings. A 3-mode switch makes it easy to change functions, while the display screen, SpotLite pointing system and audio tone all indicate the location of the target. The signal strength indicator helps to distinguish between shallow and deep targets. ACT (Auto-correcting technology) automatically corrects common user errors, such as when scanning begins over a stud. WireWarning detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded electrical wire up to 2 in deep in stud and metal scanning.