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Lufkin Red End 066F Flat Reading Folding Rule Lufkin Two Way Red End 966N Folding Rule Lufkin 524N Doyle Log Scale Folding Rule
Designed for estimating board feet in a cut log. Graduated inches to 1/16ths lower edge. Outside markings for 10 and 18 ft logs. Inside markings for 12, 14 and 16 ft logs.
Lufkin Red End T636N Brick Mason Scale Folding Rule Lufkin Red End 656N Brick Mason Scale Folding Rule Lufkin Red End Extension X46N Folding Rule
Lufkin Red End 1066DN Engineers Scale Folding Rule Lufkin Red End HX46 Folding Rule
Since 1869, Crescent Lufkin? has stood at the forefront of measuring tools and equipment, with industry leading quality and innovation. We enable the consumer or professional user with reliable, precise, durable lines of products, including our wooden measuring rules. Since patenting the Lufkin? folding rule in 1919, we've been manufacturing top quality tools, like this rule which features brass joints, clear graduation markings and highly visible red root figures. Bold red and black markings contrast against white or natural pine finishes. Clear, abrasive-resistant coating, riveted lock joints, brass-plated end clasps and strike plates prevent wear. Graduated slide rule extends up to 6 in. Slide rule runs under friction in T-slot and stops at each end to prevent slide from falling out. Marked both sides and both edges. Graduated to 1/16ths of an inch, 16 in stud centers in red, regular outside markings. Rules with hook the zero falls at inside of hook, for distance measuring. Rules with flat, inside markings, numbering begins on inside of rule.