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EZ-SEAMER 40-00005 Corner Tool TOOL CORNER INSD 3-1/2X4-1/2IN Mintcraft 164603L Drywall Corner Trowel
EZ-SEAMER Corner Tool, Heavy Duty, EZ-SEAMER, Straight Blade, Plastic Blade, Yellow Blade, Used to Fill and to Apply Drywall Joint Compound to Inside Corners of Drywall Installation MintCraft Drywall Corner Trowel, Inside, 4-1/4 in Blade Length, 3-1/2 in Blade Width, Stainless Steel Blade, 103 - 90 Deg, Ergosoft Handle Mintcraft Inside Corner Trowel, Wide and Flexible Blade, 3-1/2 in Blade Length, 4-1/2 in Blade Width, Stainless Steel Blade, 90 - 103 deg, Hardwood Handle
Mintcraft 364863L  Drywall Corner Trowels Marshalltown OS751 Outside Corner Trowel Marshalltown 25D Outside Drywall Corner Trowel
MintCraft Drywall Corner Trowel, Outside, 5 in Blade Length, 2-1/2 in Blade Width, Stainless Steel Blade, 80 - 90 Deg, Durasoft Handle Marshalltown Corner Trowel, Outside, Marshalltown, Stainless Steel Blade, 90 deg, Plastic Handle Marshalltown Drywall Corner Trowel, Outside, Marshalltown, 5 in Blade Length, 3-3/4 in Blade Width, Steel Blade, 80 - 90 deg, DuraSoft Handle, Used to Embed Tape and Smooth out the Final Layer of Mud to Taped Corners
Hyde 09410 Inside Corner Tool Marshalltown CB370 Cornerbead Tool Marshalltown CB429 Cornerbead Tool
Hyde Inside Corner Tool, Flexible Blade, 4 in Blade Width, Stainless Steel Blade, 103 deg, Straight Handle, 5 in Handle, Hardwood Handle, 9-3/4 in Length X 6-1/8 in Width, For Drywall Taping and Patching Marshalltown Cornerbead Tool, Marshalltown, 1/4 in Blade Radius, Suitable For Use With: 1-1/4 in Cornerbead. Marshalltown Cornerbead Tool, Marshalltown, Suitable For Use With: 1-1/4 in Cornerbead, With 13 in, 2 lb Black Rubber Head Mallet